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Wright Choice Photography


Wright Choice Photography

As a graduate of Temple University with a degree in Marketing, and having worked for years at a large software development company, she always knew her never ending love for photography would someday become more than just a hobby. After taking a High School photo class, she was hooked. Over the years, she developed an eye for the camera that only comes with the combination of natural talent and taking hundreds of thousands of photos. Taking pictures everywhere she went, it became second nature to see the art in everything, and how to turn nothing into something amazing through the lens of the camera.

The switch from hobby to professional came years later, when she photographed a wedding for her friend from high school, using her new Canon SLR camera. The photos came out great. After posting them to her Facebook account, word spread and soon she was getting requests from friends to photograph their weddings. Fast-forward a few more years, and now Andrea is where you see her today. Shooting weddings, engagements, portraits, special events, and more.

Andrea’s photography services are available in the Greater Philadelphia area, as well as New Jersey and Delaware. If you are not in this area, but would still like to request Andrea for an event, please contact her about travel availability and pricing.

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