Why the Fishing is Great in South Padre Island


South Padre Island Fishing is sought after because of its number of options, bountiful list of exotic fish, challenging conditions and a beautiful backdrop. As it stands there are over 500 different species of fish including flounder, red fish, trout, drum, tuna, kingfish, wahoo and countless others. Fishing tends to take on three different forms: Bay Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, or Canyon Fishing.

Bay Fishing

These fishing is fun because it lets you test your wits against the fish of the Laguna Madre Bay. Always a challenge this fishing is definitely a step compared to most fishing in lakes and ponds. At South Padre, you can get discounted rates for your fishing by using one of the many charter services who operate bay fishing boats. The two most common choices are (1) fishing party boat or (2) private charter trip. The key distinction is in the number of participants on the boat and the level of direct oversight by the captain.

Fishing party boats can have well over 10 people whereas a private charter trip is reduced to your party. Fishing on a party boat is cheaper in comparison with a cost of roughly $20 to $30 per fisherman. Private charter trips tend to begin at $350 for 2 people. Again, the main benefit of the private charter trips is their privacy and individualized attention. Most bay fishing trips are done in 3 to 5 hour intervals and go throughout the day.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing is a guaranteed good time for fisherman who have never experienced it before. It offers the opportunity to go after an entirely different set of fish wildlife and use unique casting methods. Common fish caught in this fishing include pompano, mackerel, and red snapper. Most of the deep sea fishing charters offer half day and full day options. The half day options usually run four hours and the whole day options run anywhere from 8 to 10 hours depending on the charter company. The private charter trip costs begin at $350 for 2 people for a half day trip and $500 for a full day trip. Party boat costs for deep sea fishing range from $50 to $80 a person depending on the number of hours. Spectators who are not fishing can generally get a reduced price as well. .

Canyon Fishing

This is really big game deep sea fishing. Some charter groups may call this different things; however, you will be essentially fishing over 40 miles off the Texas coast. Fishing in this region allows you to fish large fish, such as tuna, wahoo, and kingfish. The cost of these trips begins at roughly $1,000 for 2 people. Most of the Deep Sea Fishing trips begin early in the morning and some charters have afternoon half day trips.

Additional Fishing Tips & Advice

Ask if you will need a state fishing license. The best way to figure this out is to talk to either the captain of the charter or the state representative. If a state license is needed, you can call 1-800-895-4248 to purchase one.

Other tips to keep in mind when choosing a charter group include the following:

The Captain’s years of experience: All things being equal, the more time you spend at something the more knowledge you pick. Opt for a captain that has paid his dues and you will likely be rewarded with a treasure trove of knowledge, stories and tips.

Seaworthiness of the ship: This will most likely not be a concern; however, it pays to select newer boats over older ones as they are less likely to break down while in the water.

Check to see if you can grill your catch on the pier: Some charter groups let you cook your fish right off the pier. This is great for culminating a successful round of fishing.

See what equipment you will need: Almost all the fishing charters will give you the fishing equipment free. However, you will want to know what other items you can bring, such as drinks, food or your own fishing equipment. These will vary from charter as the captain truly is the captain of their boat.

South Padre Island Fishing is a can’t miss experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family. If you haven’t had a chance to go deep sea fishing, you will want to be sure to add this to your list of activities.


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