Tropical Texas Beaches Provide Wonderful Vacations



There are numerous Texas beaches to vacation at, although most people think of flying or driving to more well-known places like California and Florida for their summer trips. While those places are nice vacation spots for beach goers, Texas has a few secrets that has those in the know coming back year after year.

If you've ever walked into Pacific waters while visiting California beaches, you know just how cold the water is. The water there does warm up some during the summer, but California vacationers never get to enjoy the 80 plus degree water temperatures that Gulf Coast vacationers enjoy. Imagine getting into the water and not shivering, but rather enjoying yourself, basking in the warm Texas sun.

Surfers are likely to comment on the size of waves that enjoy the Pacific and Atlantic off the coast of Florida, but few know about the 8-12 foot epic waves in Texas that peel off the ocean surface with perfect form. For years surfers have claimed that "there's no surf in Texas," but the truth is those surfers had no idea where to surf. They probably surfed in Galveston which has fun longboard waves, but no 8-12 foot waves. Galveston is a great place to ride longboard and to learn how to surf, but surfers from other coasts will need larger, more powerful waves to keep their stoke. Those kinds of waves are found in South Padre, and sometimes in Corpus Christi.

Texas weather on the coast is purely tropical. While the rest of the country roughs it through days of below freezing temperatures, Texans on the Gulf Coast are usually in shorts. People can be seen nearly every day of the year walking barefoot and jogging on Texas beaches, living up the tropical weather that most are oblivious to.

Privacy is another feature that Texas beaches provide for locals and vacationers. As you know, Texas is a very large state with miles of undeveloped land. It also boasts over 370 miles of undeveloped coastline, so there is plenty of space for people who want privacy, as well as for surfers wary of crowds in the water. In fact, one of the best things about vacationing and surfing on South Padre Island is that while enjoying epic waves and tropical weather, there are relatively few surfers in the lineup.


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