The Rio Grande Valley – An Alternative Vacation Destination



The Rio Grande Valley is the most southern county of Texas, and takes its name from the Rio Grande River – a Spanish expression which means “The Great River” in English. Following a really intense growth at the end of the last century, the South Texas area is a symbol of prosperity. Fortunately, there are great opportunities for growth and improvement here.

Whether you are looking to spend some time in one of the new metropolitan areas resulting from a rapidly growing economy, or if you are looking for some kind of nostalgic sensation deriving from its vicinity with the Mexican frontier, you’ll be able to find both of these in the Rio Grande Valley area. There are 4 main bridges that provide trade between Mexico and the United States in conjunction with NAFTA.

For those of you which like the urban life, a visit to the largest city in the Rio Grande Valley – Brownsville – is a must. Other main cities you should make a point to visit are McAllen, Edinburg, Weslaco, Harlingen and Mission. Since these cities are more and more part of a continuous large urban agglomeration, you may easily decide to take a trip to all of them. The population is continuously growing, so it looks like this area in South Texas is going to become one of the largest urban areas in the zone, and you know what it means: plenty of entertainment opportunities, a vast choice for food and drinks, and a lively nightlife for all people of all ages.

If you like the beach, visit South Padre Island. It has been listed as a top ten beach with everything from condos to skydiving. It has been one of the most popular destinations for Midwest college kids for over 20 years.

If you live in the Northern states or in Canada, this is also a great destination for winter travels. And if you plan to visit the Rio Grande Valley not for entertainment but for business, of course there are great opportunities as well: an urban area in continuous expansion means a lively growing marketplace and lots of possibilities for real estate investments. But there are more than great towns and nostalgic remnants of the past:

Another reason for visiting the Rio Grande Valley is the so-called Eco-Tourism. Eco-Tourism is new trend followed by people who are interested in natural beauty and wildlife. It is more than a fashionable trend here: it’s a real industry.


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