Storybook Travel – The Experiment Video


This is footage is from a recent trip to Greece and Italy. I was invited out there to capture a wedding of some wonderful friends. I figured If I was going across the pond I was going to make a trip out of it. The trip was 2 nights in Athens, 2 nights in Santorini, 4 nights in Kefalonia, where the wedding held. Then after the wedding we flow into Milan for a tour of Northern Italy. Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Parma, Milan, Genoa, Portofino, San Margarita, and Cinque Terre just to name a few. . . As a photographer I clearly did not take enough video because what you see is what you get. And clearly I don't have of what I just mentioned. . . I have TONS of photos.

The concept behind Storybook Travel Photography started in Milan over dinner or maybe Genoa, one of those. Either way the implementation of the idea will begin here in South Padre with our photography studio, dGabrielstudios.com I have teamed up with travel agents from Kentucky, New Jersey, and Houston to build a foundation for this idea. I will be working alongside local resorts to create an island headquarters. It's time to next level the way we view travel.

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