South Padre Island Texas – Why Your Next Trip Will Be Here



South Padre Island Texas is starting getting a well deserved reputation for being an excellent beach vacation spot. Good beaches, temperate weather, and other advantages make it an ideal vacation locale for not only Texans, but the entire United States. Some of the many advantages of South Padre Island Texas include:

1. Great Fishing Opportunities . There are certainly plenty of fish in the sea and in South Padre, you can go after a ton of them. Whether you are into deep sea fishing or bay fishing, you will have a chance to go after the big fish. There are a number of experienced captains to guide you and your family on fishing tours around the Island.

2. Wide Variety of Activities . Water sports are probably the most popular at South Padre Island. Popular choices include windsurfing, parasailing, windsurfing and many others. However, you can also get in plenty of fun shopping and Island sight seeing while vacationing. The many gift shops and t-shirt shops are hits with the locales and vacationers alike. These are especially good for finding mementos and last minute supply items like boogy boards and swimwear.

3. Splendid Seafood . One plus that is not as advertised as much as it should be the treasure trove of seafood options in South Padre. Popular dishes include red snapper and shrimp, but others have raved about everything else at one point or the other. Whatever your seafood interests are, you are sure to find at least a few places that will get you what you are looking for.

4. Wonderful and Friendly People . Southern Hospitality is in full swing in Texas where you are sure to meet some good natured and happy people. South Padre has long been known for its laid back approach to live where t-shirts and shorts are the norm. This works great for vacationers and help you enjoy your trip more as you do not have to worry about restaurant dress codes and fitting in.

5. Fantastic Accommodations . The number of housing options at South Padre is quite diverse. However, finding a hotel, condo or rental that meets your needs for a good vacation home should not be difficult. You can find spots near the beach or the bay and even in the inner island. All these spots give you different benefits and you should give this some consideration when choosing your accommodations. Regardless of the spot though, you should have little difficulty getting around town. There is even a free bus transportation system.


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