South Padre Island – Spring Break Party Capitol For College Students


What makes South Padre Island one of the top Spring Break destinations for around a hundred thousand college students every year?

Its location, for a start. South Padre Island is a resort town on the island on Padre Island, just off the coast of Texas and near to the Mexican border. Easy to reach from anywhere in the US and Canada, and yet it has a real tropical island feel that will make any Spring Break feel exotic and fun. The skies are clear and blue, the waters of the Laguna Madre Bay are warm and inviting, the Gulf of Mexico provides excellent surf for all you surfer dudes, and the beaches are world class. Can you think of a better Spring Break destination than that?

And there's loads to do in South Padre Island during Spring Break. Aside from the watersports (and there are lots of those available, from windsurfing to paragliding to jetskiing - you can stay in the water all day without realizing it!), there are lots of fun beach activities like volleyball, which is a great way to interact with other Spring Break groups and meet new people. You can also go horseback riding along the beaches, or swim with dolphins if that's something you've always wanted to do. If you like nature and animals, South Padre Island is a good choice, as it's well known for its birdwatching haunts and opportunities to see and learn about the wildlife. Or you can take part in the ever-popular local fishing scene - and note that with so many people coming to fish in its surrounding waters, South Padre Island has some of the best seafood restaurants around, so be sure to try some when it's time for dinner!

If seafood's not your thing, don't worry - South Padre Island has lots of great restaurants, cafés and bars serving food to suit all tastes, from the exotic and international to your traditional burgers, pizzas and fries. Eat at an open air restaurant watching the sun set over the water - a spectacular sight, and good food to go with it! And then it's time for the South Padre Island nightlife. Whether you're someone who likes huge beach parties with thousands of other students, or someone who prefers to take it easy in a quiet bar with friends, or someone who wants the coolest music and the hippest people in upscale clubs, South Padre Spring Break will be sure to satisfy you. There's a busy and exciting nightlife - it is, after all, a popular resort town. You can be certain that the action won't stop just because the sun has gone down!


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