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South Padre Island Classifieds

Classifieds now available on Destination SPI

As we enter a new spring break season for Destination SPI, we open up a simple classifieds listing on the website for increase exposure for the local area.

Years in the advertising industry has taught us one thing, that most people think they know what they want, but usually have no idea what they really need. And what most small business owners need is affordable advertising that is versatile, smart, and affordable. Classifieds fit all of those requirements!

What you don’t realize about classifieds is why you are missing out. Here are 3 reasons why Classifieds are always a smart addition to any campaign.

1.Classifieds are always an option. Whether your audience is local or national or even if your budget is small there is going to be a classified option to fit your needs. This is not always true for other types of media.

2.Message testing. Do you have a couple of different message concepts for your product? Not sure which one you  want to use in your radio or TV commercial ? Or maybe you have a use classifieds to test the waters and see which one is the most appealing to your audience. Classifieds provide an inexpensive way to test your message before you invest a lot of money into a multi media campaign.

3. Targeting a niche market or spot placing is easy and research shows that people are still very much interested in local news. Which means placing a classified ad on our site is a great option for many small businesses. With most types of advertising you are not going to get your entire “ wish list” because you you have to stay with in budget.

4. Less competition. Often as a culture we are caught up in bigger and flashier is better. But that’s not actually always true for advertising. Online advertising is very over saturated right now which means placing your ad someplace else can be a much better option if you want to get your ad noticed.

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