Selena fans lineup for her Mac makeup release!line for Selena mac makeup release…



Selena fans lineup for her Mac makeup release![fb_vid id=”1061062257340394″]line for Selena mac makeup release #corpus #bidibidibombom

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  1. Its all the females who live off foodstamps and get a check every month. No woman with a full time job and 1 day off is going to wait all day in a line for makeup that you can buy at dollar tree and write “Selena” with a sharpie…smh

  2. Smfh…GET OVER IT PEOPLE. ITS MAKE UP. MOST OF YOU LITTLE DUMB FEMALES WERNT EVEN ALIVE WHEN SHE DIED. YOU JUST SEEN THE MOVIE AND SAID “OMG…SELENA FOREVER” lol…and all you older ladies…no, just no. You wont ever be her. Not even with a pound of makeup


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