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Popular Spring Break Destinations



Spring Break is right around the corner, and millions of students from around the country are ready for the big party. The hardest part of the vacation is deciding where to go. This is primarily due to the lack of money for most people. For those that are fortunately to have generous parents, Cancun or Cabo are always first on the list. I mean who would not want to party on the beaches in Mexico? They are beautiful, and MTV usually spices things up even more bringing great entertainment to add to the festivals. Although Cancun may be the most popular place to go, there are many other great places to party during Spring Break and some of them are hundreds of miles away fro the beach. Here is a list of top Spring Break destinations in no particular order.

• Cancun, Mexico-Duh !!! Beautiful beaches and beautiful people party here every year. Most can not recall the adventure once they return to the states though.
• South Beach – Florida most famous beach is packed the whole week with celebrities and coeds from across the country.
• Daytona Beach – Daytona is home to many large events such as the Daytona 500, the Daytona Bike Rally, and of course, Spring Break
• South Padre Island – Texas holds its own with the other major destinations thanks to the clear waters and white sands at South Padre. With Mexico right next door, this only adds to these destinies appeal.
Breckenridge, Colorado – Many spring breakers are happier on the slopes than the beach, and Colorado has some of the best snow skiing in the world.
• Taos, New Mexico – Taos is another popular spring break destination for the snow skiing fans. Being closer to Texas than the Colorado slopes, many from the Lone Star State choose to go to Taos.
• Panama City, Florida – Hoe to the worlds largest night club, and more beautiful beaches that is littered around the state, Panama gets or popular every year.

No matter where you choose to go, just remember to be careful and use a designated driver. If traveling to a foreign country, remember you do not have the safety you have back in the states, and never go anywhere alone. Party On !!!


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