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Marketing only to the Sand Bar?

Destination SPI has always focused on exposing South Padre Island, visually to Search Engines.  How?  By populating the hottest content from local groups and pages.

Sure, you get likes and views – but what does all that matter as long as the only people that see your awesome stuff is a local?  Is your business dependent on locals or the visitors coming to the island?  This is what DestinationSPI.com is about – visibility – exposure – viral media – tourism.

Start posting on your channels guys – post pictures – engage with your users – think of cool stuff instead of sharing the same old stuff over and over and over and over.  There is more to this island and your business – focusing on branding yourself will help you out in the long run and utilize content curation to help engage your followers.

We can help!  Contact us at DestinationSPI.com to discuss a simple marketing plan that will help you reach those beyond the sand bar.

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