Let’s get excited about South Padre Island Sand Castle Days!Let’s meet another v…


Let's get excited about South Padre Island Sand Castle Days!

Let's meet another visiting sculptor: Remy (Geertz) Hoggard is actually one of our favorite people. She and her sand man, Paul competed at SCDays and spent some quality time here back in... 2005, was it? I (sandy feet) got to spend a lot of time with these two fine sculptors when we were all working on the 6-week project in Kuwait in 2013 and they continue to blow me away with not only their talent but all the love and happy vibes they spread around everywhere they go. They will be staying around for a few weeks after the contest to help out on The South Padre Island Sand Castle Trail. so if you see them around be sure to make them feel welcomed.

Remy Hoggard from the Netherlands
A sand artist since 1999. She has sculpted in international festivals and sand sculpture contests all over the world. She really enjoys sculpting human figures and is also well known for her use of forced perspective and depth. The human faces she creates out of sand seem to be alive.
Since 2003 she has been working together with her sand man, Paul Hoggard. Their company produces sand sculptures world-wide for events and advertising campaigns.
Having an inquisitive mind Remy finds there is always so much to learn and she likes to make sculptures with a positive message.



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