Kite-Buggy South Padre Island


Perhaps the best thing about South Padre Island is the diversity of Kite based activities that are available every day of the year. Due to the unique conditions here you can ride in swells, flat water, pavement, and the ground itself. South Padre island is very close to sea level, and is therefore very flat. The tides in the Laguna Madre have washed over South Padre for centuries. This gentle tide action has created a special land formation known as tidal flats. The flats are sand and sediment with no vegetation, completely flat, and only wet when the tide rolls especially high. The average day on South Padre the tidal flats are completely dry. But better still they are flat, wide, and long with no obstructions at all, not even so much as a rock blocks your path. These flats extend for miles, to the north end of the island. There are mangroves and sand dunes to explore, but nothing tall enough to cause a wind shadow. The flats are non-occupied and remote so free space to kite-buggy is plentiful.

Some days the wind is not strong enough to go ride the water, and on those occasions having a buggy on South Padre is a great alternative. Put up your largest kite in the lightest wind and still go, fast. Power slides and buggy jumps are great to learn in padre because the flats have no soft spots like a beach would normally have. The consistent soil and wind provide perfect cruising conditions for long beach rides. The wind usually blows North or South, and the flats line up North to South. The conditions are rarely more suited to kite-buggy exploration for riders of all levels.

Most people learning to kite-buggy start at the South flats because it is close to town, wide, and always dry. The more buggy experience you gain the more North on the island you are free to explore. The flats go on to the North for at least 14 miles. Talk about a long satisfying tack.

So if you aren't convinced yet that South Padre Island offers amazing kite-buggy options then please go there yourself and feel free to comment about your experience.


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