Harlingen, Texas


If you are looking at moving to or visiting the southern portion of Texas, look into Harlingen. The city of Harlingen offers not only a great place to visit, but a great place to work or live as well. It is located in the center of the Rio Grande Valley and is commonly referred to as the place that "two countries and two cultures meet".

With the semi-tropical climate of Mexico, year round activities are abundant. The location is just minutes from the Gulf Coast and offers beautiful beaches and some fabulous year round bird watching. Not to mention, a romantic getaway to Mexico can be just minutes away.

Harlingen offers a relaxed lifestyle but is entirely up to date and has a thriving economy. More and more businesses in the manufacturing, distributions and healthcare fields are bringing their businesses to Harlingen, in turn bringing more residents all the time.

Residents and visitors alike take advantage of many different attractions in Harlingen. Picturesque parks, hiking and cycling trails and nature trails offer a little something for everyone. Fishing, hunting and a small town feel all await you in this people friendly city. You're never too far from catching a big fish in one of Texas' hottest fishing spots on South Padre Island.

For the sports enthusiast, there remains a great deal of activities in Harlingen. With a sports and soccer complex and a tennis center, not to mention beautiful golf courses, the options to get your sporting fix are many. With the weather remaining so beautiful year round, being outside enjoying the many parks is a pure delight. Residents and visitors alike enjoy taking advantage of the outside weather conditions. The climate makes this city the ideal place for vegetable and citrus growing.

The benefits of visiting or moving your business to Harlingen are many. It's a smaller city with the location perks alone making it extremely desirable. Welcome home to a small town feel in great state of Texas!


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