Free email addresses to SPI Residents.

We are offering a free email address to all locals to South Padre Island! 

That will be 'you' @ Destinationspi.com

Why? Unification and exposure.  We are all part of South Padre Island, some Life Locals and most transplants from other parts of the country and world.  We are one.  We want to offer a unique email concept, for exposure and to bring us together.  Places like Yahoo and Gmail gather information on all your contacts and with us, none of that will happen.  

You will be able to access this email on your phone, integrate it into Windows live or Outlook, etc..  or even through your Gmail App on your phones (Yes, you can add other emails to that app).

  • Mobile & Web Access - From any Internet-connected computer or mobile phone.
  • Spam/Virus Protection - Blocks junk mail & helps protect you from viruses.*

Send us an email to hello@destinationspi.com to let us know what you would like and we will set this up.

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