Five Reasons Why South Padre Island Should Be Your Next Vacation


Looking for you next vacation spot can be a challenge with so many options to choose from. However, one place you may have overlooked is South Padre Island. The beautiful locale located on the Texas Coast has been a hit with Texans for many years. Despite their best efforts to keep it quite, others are finding out why it is so special. Here, are our reasons why it should be at the top of your list.

1. Warm weather and beaches . The temperate climate of Texas coupled with the easy going nature of Texans in general make South Padre a rare find. It is very easy to enjoy life here when it is building sandcastles with your little ones, relaxing on the beach reading a book while hearing the waves come in or even simply taking a romantic evening stroll along the beach with your loved one.

2. Plenty of water activities . Whatever your fitness level is, you will find something for you at South Padre. You can choose from windsurfing, boating, kiteboarding, parasailing, using jet skis, wave runners, banana boats, water slides, snorkeling, scuba diving and other water sports. Plus, nature lovers can benefit too by seeing sea turtle and other aquatic exhibits and go on dolphin watching tours.

3. Great Fishing options . South Padre Island is a fisherman's paradise as you can participate in bay fishing, deep sea fishing and canyon fishing. These different options let you try your luck at catching dozens of different types of fish and make for great memories for all who participate. Plus, many places let you cook your catch right on the pier.

4. Restaurant Nirvana . If you enjoy seafood, South Padre Island will not disappoint. The most popular items are probably the red snapper and the gulf jumbo shrimp, but the other choices can be just as good. These seafood options are further bolstered by Texas' reputation for great burgers, steaks, and Mexican food. The end result is good eating for everyone.

5. Dozens of Shopping options . If you enjoy collecting items, keepsakes, and other souvenirs, you will really enjoy South Padre Island's endless list of gift shop and t-shirt shops. These shopping options add to the laid-back beach feel of the entire area and are great for finding mementos to share with other family and friends.

As you probably are beginning to see, South Padre Island provides you with many advantages that other beach vacation spots simply lack as a whole. We strongly suggest you research South Padre Island further as we believe you will want to move it to the top of your vacation wish list. Many people have done so already and are sure glad they did.


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