A Taste of Tenerife Via Car Hire



The diverse terrains in Spain are not only limited to landlocked Andalusian scenes, but plenty of islands as well. The breathtakingly exquisite ruggedness of Tenerife is a must-see location for visiting tourists. This island records the largest inhabitants among all the seven Canary Islands and Spain.

Puerta de la Cruz in the North is features the most remarkable scenery when during winter time. The sea-level terrains remain hot and sunny, while the mountain tops are layered with snow. This astonishing panorama can be best captured when you stay at Hotel Vallemar, one of the leading tourist hotels which provide a comparably extensive swimming pool facility.

Not only has that, a continuous route from this town to a neighboring town called Teide, flaunts a view of angelic emergence of sea clouds along the journey. This almost other-worldly vision is the core reason on why tourists are recommended to a car hire. The drive along this road ensures serenity and an immeasurable taste of visual bliss. The car hire in Tenerife is comparably cheap starting from $108. A contemporary VW would probably fetch up to about $120-$125 for an entire week!

A care hire in Tenerife is extremely feasible with the application of an online order. The renter would need to fill up an online search form which requires the drop off and pick up areas, so that it would be easier for the care hire procedure to be carried out. Upon request, the rented automobile can even be sent to the arrival terminal parking lot at the corresponding airport at which the renter first touches down. There are several locations such as city centers and specified districts which the automobile will be sent to.

Other than that, the renter must notify the model of the automobile, manual of automatic preferences and mode of payment. Usually major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are accepted. PayPal is also another popular method of payment.


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